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Librarians: The Time is Now to Be Loud!

This is written in response to a peer's blog post


Immigrants and Refugee Children-What Library Teachers Can Do to Offer a Safe Haven and Support

One of the things that most impressed me about professional librarianship is the strong ethical stance we take for the protection of privacy, equity, freedom of information, intellectual freedom and serving a diverse public. Right now in our country the Trump administration is advancing new executive orders at a rapid clip, and some Republican lawmakers are advancing bills, aimed squarely at curtailing rights, slashing equity, opposing freedoms and infringing on privacy. Right after the election, we feared that bullying and racism might become more prevalent, so in support of civility and in an effort to create an atmosphere of love and not hate, I created signs that we hung in the library and in the office promoting LOVE (AMA) and asking kids to stand up for one another.

Diversify Everything: How to Get Started

In the column Diversify Everything (March/April 2017 Issue of American Libraries Magazine), Sarah Park Dahlen offers her reflections  on the state of our nation after the recent presidential election, expressing grave concern about the escalation of hatred, vandalism and violence... Continue Reading →

Building and Improving School Library Websites with the Student User in Mind

Over the last couple of months I've been involved in a district wide website transition to a newer platform.  For school administrators who never really think about web design or usability issues, they think its not much more than copying... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Book Buying and Weeding

Our country is more politically divided now than it has been for decades, so when deciding what books to purchase for the collection, and what books to get rid of, what side of the aisle should the librarian land? If... Continue Reading →

Fake News Complicates My Job

I appreciated the short history rewind that Donald Barkley offers in his recent column The Challenge Facing Libraries in an Era of Fake News, which ended up making me feel wistful and nostalgic for a split second about card catalogs... Continue Reading →

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